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Engraved Slate House Signs

6 Elements to Consider Before Making Engraved Slate House Signs


Did you know that your home is not complete without a house sign? Installing engraved slate house signs is a great way to make guests feel welcomed. Besides its aesthetic appeal, they are also very useful. You can print your details on it such as your full name and address. With such type of signage, a homeowner such as yourself can have your house properly identified and easy to locate.


There are several professionals out there who offer slate house signs. But before you go looking for one, do you know what you are getting for yourself? If not, then read this list for the elements to consider when getting a house sign.




This may sound obvious, but before you even begin looking for a house sign, you need to decide where it is going to be placed in your property. The place where you are going to place your sign will determine its size and colour. As much as possible, you want your sign to stand out.


Most people will want to fix a house sign to the wall near the front door. But you may have a gatepost at the end of a driveway or a wall surrounding your property that may be a better location. The visibility of the sign is the key to finding the right location.




Deciding on the maximum size that the sign can be is one thing you must not forget. Before deciding on the shape of the sign you want, you must measure the space carefully. Best shapes to consider are rectangular, oval or bridge. It is always a good idea to have your measurements written down in both centimetres and inches as many house sign manufacturers are traditional and still work in inches.




Less really is more. By keeping your message short, your sign is easier to see and read at a glance. Signs come in every shape and size, so make sure you have chosen a size that is appropriate for the distance your sign would be viewed from. Consider where it will be located and what obstacles may be in the way. Always remember that the visibility of your house sign is an important factor to consider.




Successful signage communicates a message concisely. The message should be conveyed in as few words as possible for any of your future house visitors. Crowding your sign with too many words or lines of text makes it harder to read from a distance.

“White-space” is the area of a design that is left uncovered by either text or graphics (white space can be colour). The empty space surrounding text and graphics is just as important as other design considerations. There is a tendency to want to “fill up” the available area with as much copy as possible. Text is hard to read when it becomes too crowded. Thus, you should aim for 30% to 40% of white space for optimal readability.


Durability & Maintenance


This is an important element when choosing engraved slate house signs. There is absolutely no point in having a beautiful slate house sign if you’re not prepared to look after it! Slate is one of the most durable materials, and you can expect that it’ll always look beautiful as long as you take good care of it.


In addition to that, it’s important that the material used on your house sign isn’t just durable, but also easy to maintain. Like the interior of your home, most slate house signs will require regular polishing to keep it clean and shiny. Aside from slate, alternatives like deep engraved stainless steel or aluminium are said to be maintenance-free. That said, just make sure that the engraved house sign you’re getting is both durable and low maintenance.




A house sign needs to reflect the style of the property. It would not be appropriate to use a rustic timber house sign on a Georgian townhouse, any more than it would be using cast brass house sign on a country cottage. Choosing a house sign is a personal matter as it reflects your own tastes. To select the best type of house sign, you must consider the type of house and location (i.e. city, town, village or countryside) you are in.


A house sign is one of the best investments a property owner like you can have. Besides its aesthetic appeal, it is also very useful for its provision of information. Your house sign can be of your own choosing, and its designs will be based on your own specifications or house requirements. These elements above will make sure of that.

Getting engraved slate house signs might not be on top of your home decor list, but it is highly recommended you have one. If you’re planning to make a design of your own, remember to go back to this list before heading to the drawing board.